24 June 2012

Two way Shawl and Cardigan

I made Two way Shawl and Cardigan. It took two years. hahaha.
Because it was not concentrate and was need 400g yarn but i had just 200g and didn't buy long time that is why it took two years.

This shawl has many flowers around cuff, that is cute isn't it?

Same pattern but I couldn't get not enough red yarn so made scarf and flowers two years ago.

This time is shawl.
My friend saw it and recommended me make more and sell because NZ doesn't has design like this, so I started knitting other one. And try to sell at craft market.

My son wants to me make his cape so I started last week and finished today.
He is very happy and wearing everywhere today.

If you would like to order anything you see on this page, I am happy to help. Please contact me. From here or below mail symbol.

もしも、記事の中のStampin' Upの商品をオーダーしたい方がいましたら、 お気軽に このフォーム からか下記のメールにご連絡下さいね。

*Have a great crafty day.*

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