14 October 2010

Clevedon Craft Market

I have been to Clevedon Crafts Market to sell my craft things 19th of Sep and 3rd of Oct. Now I have enrolled as a Craft Market member and go every month, I wanted to go to the market on the third Sunday of every month but I can’t do it. Because this month I have a friend’s kids birthday party, next month my husband want s to go to fishing etc... so this month October, I join market twice 3rd of Oct and next time 24th of Oct.

The person at the next stall said to me “October is not good for selling because people have not started buying for Christmas presents yet”.

19th of September

 3rd October

*Have a great crafty day*


I made some Halloween cards and leave them at Mottletop Cafe last week. But I think NZ isn't popular Halloween card because no one buy the card. But I still made a few cards also “Trick or Treat” box with candies.

This week's Halloween card
and box.

And I asked kindergarten teacher if she is interested about box and she said yes, so I bought some boxes in kindergarten too.

Candies inside.

Japanese article. この記事の日本語はこちらから。

*Have a great crafty day*


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